Amazing Archery- Inspired Movies

katniss bow

Archery has become a very popular sport. Many people want “to be in” to belong. Learning the basics is their best starting point to hit their target of becoming an expert.

Archery has been embedded into different blockbuster movies and TV shows that gained admiration and inspiration. Hence, this constant TV appearance has fueled the interests of archers, among men and women. As you get inspired with what archery can offer, I feel honored tlegolas bow o call your attention to visit our bow reviews site for an in-depth inclination to this sport.


The character of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy has drawn people’s interests towards archery. The 16-year-old- warrior Katniss Everdeen has a remarkable effect on people’s interest of the bow and arrow. The success of archery-inspired films has created a great impact on the popularity of the sport.

Many people are getting more engaged in the sport for self-development and for keeping up with the trend. These cinematic heroes have become the inspiration for many. Because of this popularity, many want to be “in” with the trend and be a Katniss, Legolas , and Hawkeye of the Avengers. Archery and action-packed  films have inspired people. This has created a massively cool trend for archery.

Many archery-inspired movies of the present time featured bow-wielding characters. Everybody wants to be like Katniss, the heroic teenager in the most coveted movie, The Hunger Games. Thus, “Katniss Fever” has become a trend.  Everdeen’s prowess of the bow and arrow has made archery even more popular.

The Hunger Games series began in 2012 which has given archery a remarkable number of followers and sports enthusiasts. The sale of the bows and arrows in different stores soared up into an amazing percentage. Indeed, archery has increased its popularity.

The girls in particular idolized Katniss Everdeen as she displayed her fierce and amazing skills of using the bow and arrow. Many wanted to follow her footsteps and be worthy of praise and emulation. Thus, making her a source of inspiration and self-esteem.

Katniss Everdeen  as the bow-wielding heroine of “The Hunger Games” trilogy has created a great impact in both sexes of all ages. The  Katniss “wannabes” have increased in parallel with the popularity of archery as a form of competitive sport and recreation.

Archery can be traced back as far as 50,000 BC. Primitive people originally used the bows and arrows for hunting and combat. Through the times, the popularity of archery doesn’t fade. In fact, it has become a popular competitive sport. Its popularity is backed up by its amazing health benefits .