Plan 9

Worst Movies Of All Time

For every Shawshank Redemption, there’s a Freddie Got Fingered release in the theatres.

I’m telling you, I watched a thousand movies and almost %50 of them are not good. Yes, there goes all the Adam Sandler movies after 50 first dates. But there’s even more.

These movies are so bad, you’re gonna puke right in your ass within a minute watching these movies. Avoid them at all cost! I warn you!

The Room – Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau
The Face You Make When You Know That Your Movie Sucks.

The guy is both the main actor and the director, it can’t be that bad, right?

Sadly, you’re wrong. With a 3.6/10 rating in IMDB, you definitely know what’s coming for you. Awkward acting scenes, gratuitous sex scenes, stupid plot and that goddamn awful fight scene!

Although considered as a cult classic today, you’d be lucky that you didn’t watch it. Thank me later.

Mac and Me – Stewart Raffill

What can be cheaper than an E.T knockoff.

The story is typically just the same, without the great Spielberg cinematography. Basically, it sucks. It’s just a McDonalds advertisement turned into film.

Watch the trailers and laugh your heart out.

Troll 2 – Claudio Fragasso

This is the complete definition of a bad movie.

They’re saying it’s because of the communication issues with the American actors with the Italian crew. But really? That’s the lamest excuse ever.

Same as the Mac and Me, it’s so funny because it’s so bad. Watch the Noooooooo scene. The trolls looks like you went to chow tyme Pensacola and ate a ton of salad then you vomit.

Plan 9 from Outer Space – Ed Wood

The granddaddy of all the bad SciFi movies.

It’s bad, yes. But I really admire the will power of the director of this movie. Even with low budget, he still managed to release the film.

The special effects of this movie is so bad, you can even see the strings that hold the space saucers. More than enough to give it the title of the Worst Movie Ever Made.


using heat press machine

Using the Heat Press for Your Growing Business

Owning a heat press machine will make your printing business surge into greater heights. The best quality heat press is an essential aspect that you should look into. Remember, you are in the business world, so you have to deal it with utmost sincerity.  Take it this way, a quality press for quality output.

Check out for our favorite heat press machine for your T-shirt printing business.  It can help you a lot with your plight as a promising businessman in the printing world. If you want to be successful, you have to consider choosing the most durable heat press that will ensure success and know exactly what you want to print.

Engaging in the T-shirt Printing business means you are among the candidates to become t-shirt tycoons in the world. With the right heat press equipment, business strategies, detailed marketing, and proper planning, you can be very successful in the heat press industry.

However, it’s quite challenging to choose the right equipment which is as challenging as choosing the right people to work for you if you have a booming business. It’s a matter of proper management and planning. The flourishing printing industry has placed greater importance on the uses of heat presses. As they say, you need to take the risk of business bankruptcy from your system. By that, you are more serious about choosing the proper heat press machine for your growing business. As the business owner, you should know what to look for in a heat press in order to increase your printing production. Keep updated latest innovations and updates through in-depth research, get ideas from manufacturers, gauge from the expertise of experts.  Check for the functionality and bets features of latest heat presses. Then, finally decide which ultimate heat press machine is for you so you can beat the challenge of your heat printing business.  Your choice should represent the best value for your money.

As the business owner, you should know what to look for in a heat press in order to increase your printing production. Keep updated with the latest innovations and updates through in-depth research, get ideas from manufacturers, gauge from the expertise of experts.  Check for the functionality and best features of latest heat presses. Then, finally decide which ultimate heat press machine is for you so you can beat the challenge of your growing business.  Your choice should represent the best value for your money.

Take time to decide for your heat press type and it should cater the nature of your business. Make it sure that you can take benefit of its great capacity for impressive productivity and usability. Own the best quality heat press machine for your growing business and expect more quality valuable items other than your personalized T-shirt products. Yes, make the most of your versatile heat press machine and make your printing business grow.

Cooking Reality TV Shows: Entertaining or Informative?

Are you a great foodie? Then, you will surely find amazing ways on how to improve your cooking style to prepare the best food for you and your family. Get inspired by gourmet chefs from all over the world as you watch the most credible and the most-watched TV cooking channels. Enjoy the live shows and feed yourself with the best cooking tips. In this sense, cooking Reality TV Shows is both entertaining and informative.


The world of multimedia has been embedded into our lifestyles and has become our means of keeping abreast of the latest events and the bizarre.  Our Cookers Den is a great example of this. It is a decent guide to the amazing cooking technology that is made available online. It is impressive and much updated.  Check it out and decide for yourself if it’s entertaining or informative.

Many people find cooking reality TV shows drooling and exciting. Watching professional chefs performing their perfect dish live on TV is very educational. Hence, it is informative. At some point, people find food networks really fun and entertaining. In whatever way it struck you, undeniably cooking reality TV shows are deliciously helpful. They create an impact on our cooking styles and food perspectives.  The awesome chefs deliberately share amazing cooking techniques on how to make the food preparation easy and fun.


Enjoying TV Cook shows doesn’t require you to be in the studio and witness the smooth flow of the meal preparation. Just turn on your television and enjoy watching. Professional chefs give you amazing cooking tips that you can readily incorporate into your cooking act in the kitchen. Instructional Cooking TV shows provide you insights on how to make home cooking healthy and budget-friendly.

Watch popular cooking TV shows and witness how your cooking preferences and styles change tremendously. The best and healthy food will be delivered to your vision just right in your living room and it will eventually go into your smart kitchen. Include in your favorite shows the great American cooking show, The Chef. It includes fantastic international delights and great topics related to healthy lifestyle.  Rest assured that it is a credible show for it has been awarded the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host.

What about spending a moment watching the most popular “MasterChef Goes Large?”  It is a BBC television reality cooking show. It is engaging because it’s competitive. In this show, you will witness how the most amazing chefs display their culinary skills and secret unique recipes.

If you are sincere about your cooking passion,  then, you can easily incorporate the tips you have learned in these cooking TV shows.

using a jigsaw

Jigsaws are a Smashing Hit in the Woodshop

Jigsaw is horrible but only in the horror movies. The Jigsaw Killer is just a fictional character that creates fear in the minds of people. John Kramer tests people’s will to live through deadly scenarios that will make them realize the value of life. Such is the jigsaw in the movie as introduced in the 2004 film Saw which is also a smashing success on the big screen.  Now, let’s come to the real world of the best jigsaws as the most versatile power tool in the workshop. It’s not about scripted actions anymore. It’s not about the scene cuts that the film director is talking about. A jigsaw is a tool for making the real, sharp, accurate and clean cuts in materials. In short, it’s about the usefulness of the tool as a power cutter.

Jigsaws aren’t horrible at all if only the operator will just keenly observe the proper way of using it. Safety precautions for using the tool must not be taken for granted to make sure that it is serving its intended purpose and not the opposite. The woodworker has to be mindful that even though the jigsaw is known as the safest power tool, he should not underestimate the risks that the jigsaw might impose over a careless handyman.

Undoubtedly, as a power tool, the jigsaw wins the woodworker’s, heart.  The bevelling, ripping, crosscutting and making intricate shapes and patterns are best achieved by the jigsaw. That is why it is best known for its versatility. It’s capable of the finest cuts in woodworking which has gained attention and appreciation from woodcutters, experts, and hobbyists.

For the novice in woodworking, finding the best jigsaw for their individual needs is made easy through browsing credible and decent reviews. These reviews discuss not only the strengths but also the weaknesses of the jigsaw so that they will not expect that the tool will go beyond of what is expected of it. However, the jigsaw will guarantee its clients that it is capable of exclusive applications to myriad materials.  Its agility and portability also extend the cutting range of its operator.

Jigsaws have very satisfactory performances. Their impressive roles in the wood shop made them must-have

To conclude, the jigsaw fits your cutting expertise and will even enhance your skills to the highest level if you are using it the most effective way. Hence, it will become a smashing hit in the woodshop.

juicing ideas

Meet the Remarkable Masticating Juicers

Do you want to enjoy great juices that hit your health goals every time? Getting the most vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies is a health trend that most people whether health enthusiasts or just health conscious want to avail.  It is very evident in documentaries about food and health that juicing your fresh produce will make a difference in your health. They inspire people to start plotting for their daily health regimen.  Juicing enthusiasts eagerly shared their best dietary experiences through juicing. Now, if you get interested in this stuff, just visit here at  This site will give you decent information about how to make your nutrient-packed juices.

As different juice extractors crowded the market today, you are becoming more vigilant of which is the best according to your juicing needs.  Get to know more about masticating juicers and find out why they are better than other juicing machines.  Find out what a masticating juicer can do with your fresh fruits and veggies as it considered as a smashing hit in the juicing scenario. Delve into its amazing features before you make you buying decision.  You should check for credible buying guides on the web and compare different juicer reviews. It will take a portion of your time, but it’s worth it.

What do you really want for your juice? You have to answer this question with all honesty for it determines your juicing needs. Do you want your juice to be with less pulp and with better texture? Then, masticating juicers are essentially the best for you. Why not centrifugal juicers when it’s the most common and known type of juicers? Well, each type of juicing machine has unique features that will guarantee to give you great juices. However, since you are to make the most of your fresh fruits and veggies and you want to satisfy your juicing needs, then your choice for a masticating juicer is exceptional.

juicing ideas

The masticating juicer is best known as single gear or single auger juicer.  It has a single blade that does the extracting.  Although it is inferior to centrifugal juicers in terms of power speed, it won’t let you get behind of what is fine juicing. A masticating juicer works slowly but surely. The fruits and veggies are slowly crushed until they turn into their liquid form before they are moved to the mesh filter. Yes, it’s not that fast as centrifugal juicers but it can give you great juices that will make you crave for more. Its better results will encourage you to make juicing as a daily healthy habit. You know for sure the amazing benefits of juicing if it’s done on a regular basis.

Lastly, if you are looking for better-quality juice or with professional-quality juice, the masticating juicer is a hit. It’s your jackpot price. Choosing this extractor will surely make your investment a success rather than a failure or a divestment. Now, I guess, it’s your time to make your testimonies about juicing with a masticating juicer. Share your veggie juicing recipes and let people know of their amazing health benefits. Set your juicing plans and broadcast your best juicing experiences in documentaries and be an inspiration to people who have their health as their top priority.

What Makes Hunting a Great Entertainment in the Woods?

Our top 10 rifle scopes will tell you what makes hunting a great entertainment in the woods. Of course, you would not want to slack your moments in the woods. Absolutely you want your released shots to be highly satisfying.

huntingInspect the basics of the scope and check out its amazing features to fill in your best shooting desires. Focus on what is important and critical.  Be decisive in choosing your gun’s eye.  Yes, a scope is a scope no matter the brand and price. However, you have to make certain considerations as to the capability and durability of the scope.

Increase the quality in your shooting.  The scope’s advanced specifications have increased the scope’s credibility and popularity.

A good scope certainly is made up of durable materials. It could at times need a bigger chunk of your budget. But don’t be so upset that you need to bring out your best savings for the scope.  Think of your overall experience in the woods. Having a good hunt is a great entertainment in the woods. It ignites your craft and deepens your understanding of the intricacies of the woods and the wildlife. The experience in the woods is priceless.

A high-end scope will transform your hunting scenario into something worthy of appreciation and recognition. Hence, be certain of your intentions in the woods. What is your best-preferred quarry and all? As rifle scopes come in different reticles or crosshair,  your choice should best guarantee your personal preference. Since reticles come in different styles and variations, you should be sure of your hunting choices so as not to regret your choice.


Riflescopes offer precision and accuracy when your release your shot. It offers perfection to what you love doing. It tones down your plight as a hunter. Quality riflescopes are one of the greatest contributions of optics technology into the shooting world.  It offers a good hunt which intensifies and magnifies your hunting goals.

As an optic device, a rifle scope is often described as an impeccable instrument that will ensure maximum hunt to bring optimum satisfaction to the shooter and for those who believe in what he can do.  Hunting is absolutely a great entertainment in the woods.

5 Reasons Why Swimming Pools are Smashing Demands

The swimming pool is indeed a fantastic place for the family.

The most wanted splishes and splashes become life’s best outlets and are fabulous hits in the world. Water fun is in demand in all seasons of the year. The stunning pools are sought to be the best stress absorbers and relievers. The propelling and the lurking into the water are manifestations that the pool is a total package of relaxation and fun.  As we delve into its depth, I hereby call your attention to the best automatic pool cleaner for it will take you to the highest level of pool cleaning and swimming.

People need to relax. Kids love to play and enjoy. Parents love to be with their children. Friends are excited to be with true friends. Just like in movies where the filmmakers love to be with the staff, actors, and actresses. We definitely love the splashy swimming pools. The sparkling swimming pools are found everywhere. It can be the glistening centerpiece in your backyard. What could be the reasons why people love the pool and to be in the pool? Indeed, swimming pools of any shapes and types continue to surge and become smashing demands.

What are Swimming Pools for?

Perfect Amenity for Recreation

The demand for swimming pools whether public pools or private pools is at insurmountable heights. As people become so conscious about their health, they find whatever means to keep them fit and healthy. People love the splash because it makes them fit and in shape. Swimming has been known as the best way to achieve impressive fitness and wellness. The health benefits of swimming are tremendously good.  Propelling through the water works best in all seasons of the year. Swimming in the pool is indeed a smashing hit during summer and a smashing demand for the health.

Splendid Scenes in the Movies

As more and more people are hooked in swimming in the pool, filmmakers too are inspired by the dazzling swimming pools in smashing movie scenes. That is why swimming pool scenes best created impacts in the movies. The brilliant pools become settings of romantic scenes, unrequited love, cool parties, fun, adventure, and the morbid. The swimming pools in the movies are perfect means of filmmakers to achieve an effect that would leave the moviegoers in great awe.  The swimming pool scenes in Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio left people in great love and romance.

The  stunning swimming pool as a fabulous setting for love!

Enchanting Relaxation

Swimming pools are refreshing. The crystal clear water refines the soul. The glimmering pool in your backyard reduces stress and life tensions. The perfect landscape takes you to far away kingdoms away from the bustling realities of life and eventually gets you back reformed and relaxed.

Family Bonding

The fantastic clean pool is great for family bonding.  It gives you the perfect choice of spending quality moments with the family. Hence, it strengthens family relationships and creates sweet memories.

Awesome Home Value

Owning a pool will surely add to the crisp look of your home. The stunning swimming pool adds value to your home. The pool can easily attract potential buyers if you plan to sell your property.

An enchanting backyard pool is in demand in the home’s appeal.

The swimming pools have unique ways of touching our lives.  Most people make the pool as their escape to what is puzzling, boring and depressing. In good light, sparklingly clean swimming pools are indeed smashing demands of the time.

Amazing Archery- Inspired Movies

katniss bow

Archery has become a very popular sport. Many people want “to be in” to belong. Learning the basics is their best starting point to hit their target of becoming an expert.

Archery has been embedded into different blockbuster movies and TV shows that gained admiration and inspiration. Hence, this constant TV appearance has fueled the interests of archers, among men and women. As you get inspired with what archery can offer, I feel honored tlegolas bow o call your attention to visit our bow reviews site for an in-depth inclination to this sport.


The character of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy has drawn people’s interests towards archery. The 16-year-old- warrior Katniss Everdeen has a remarkable effect on people’s interest of the bow and arrow. The success of archery-inspired films has created a great impact on the popularity of the sport.

Many people are getting more engaged in the sport for self-development and for keeping up with the trend. These cinematic heroes have become the inspiration for many. Because of this popularity, many want to be “in” with the trend and be a Katniss, Legolas , and Hawkeye of the Avengers. Archery and action-packed  films have inspired people. This has created a massively cool trend for archery.

Many archery-inspired movies of the present time featured bow-wielding characters. Everybody wants to be like Katniss, the heroic teenager in the most coveted movie, The Hunger Games. Thus, “Katniss Fever” has become a trend.  Everdeen’s prowess of the bow and arrow has made archery even more popular.

The Hunger Games series began in 2012 which has given archery a remarkable number of followers and sports enthusiasts. The sale of the bows and arrows in different stores soared up into an amazing percentage. Indeed, archery has increased its popularity.

The girls in particular idolized Katniss Everdeen as she displayed her fierce and amazing skills of using the bow and arrow. Many wanted to follow her footsteps and be worthy of praise and emulation. Thus, making her a source of inspiration and self-esteem.

Katniss Everdeen  as the bow-wielding heroine of “The Hunger Games” trilogy has created a great impact in both sexes of all ages. The  Katniss “wannabes” have increased in parallel with the popularity of archery as a form of competitive sport and recreation.

Archery can be traced back as far as 50,000 BC. Primitive people originally used the bows and arrows for hunting and combat. Through the times, the popularity of archery doesn’t fade. In fact, it has become a popular competitive sport. Its popularity is backed up by its amazing health benefits .

Movies You Should Be Watching Out For in the Second Half of 2016

Judging from the quality of the movies I’ve seen in the first half of 2016, I’d say that the rest of the year will continue to deliver some really good ones. There’ve been occasional disappointments as some films didn’t quite rise to the hypes. But I’ve been fairly pleased with my picks of movies in the past months. For the second half of the year, here are some of the films I’m looking forward to watching:


The Legend Of Tarzan

This movie will follow John Clayton III formerly known as Tarzan as he goes back to the Congo on an official assignment in the British Parliament. Unbeknownst to him, he’s just become part of a dangerous game that Captain Leon Rom orchestrated.


The latest edition of the Ghostbusters has been through some controversies even before its release. It seems that some Ghostbusters fans took issue that the latest installment will showcase an all-female ensemble. I’m not sure about the critics, but I feel that this one holds promise and I wouldn’t even dream of missing it.

Ice Age: Collision Course

I’ve been an Ice Age film fan since the first movie came out. I love Scrat’s adventures with the acorn. Sid, Manny, and Diego also never fail to deliver the laughs and the seriousness that makes the Ice Age movies worth my time.

Star Trek Beyond

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise will be up against an unknown opponent that would put them and everything they stand for to what might be the biggest test they have to face.

Jason Bourne

Matt Damon reprises his role as Jason Bourne in the fifth installment of the series. The former CIA operative will be pitted against this films villains.


Suicide Squad

How will villains handle lethal assignments that not even superheroes seem to want to do? I can’t wait to find out how Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark can do the job.


Doctor Strange

This movie revolves around Dr. Strange, a surgeon whose life has changed after a vehicular accident and how he learned to use psychic powers to fight evil.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

As a Harry Potter fan, I’m thrilled with the prospect of watching this movie. The story follows Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne as he travels and creates a record of magical creatures.


Moana is touted to be as epic, if not more spectacular than, Frozen which was released in 2013. The story is about the adventures of Moana as she looks for a mythical place.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

What happens if you try to steal sensitive information about the Death Star? There are probably a lot of things that could go wrong. The Rogue One would be interesting to watch if only for how the resistance fighters will set about to accomplishing this feat.

TV series to watch this 2016

I’m a sucker for TV shows. I find it sad that I have a long list of them that I don’t seem to have enough time to watch. But no matter now busy I get, I try to watch or at least catch-up on some of my personal favorites. They may not be the best ones by other people’s standards. They’re mostly the ones that got me hooked enough to make time to watch them when I can. This 2016, here’s the list of my must-watch shows in order of release month:

The Walking Dead – February

Watching this AMC TV show since its first season has been an emotional roller coaster ride. To say that I’m too invested on it already to stop would be an understatement. There have been several frustrating twists and turns that made me question the wisdom suffering from all the emotional upheavals I seem to go though when watching it. But I’m still hooked. And with the promise of finally seeing an evil character in the comic-books come to TV screen life this season it would be fair to say that I’d be watching every episode with bated breath.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – March

I’m a Marvel Universe fan. Despite its somewhat disappointing first run, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. still had enough of interesting points in it that got me hooked. I like the characters and their special abilities as well as the problems they need to resolve in the process.

The Night Manager – April

I’ve heard so much about The Night Manager from a UK-based friend. It’s good to know that it has finally reached our shores. It stars Tom Hiddleston as a soldier who’s tasked with a covert mission and Hugh Laurie who takes on the role of an arms dealer. I absolutely love the latter and I’m also a fan of the former so I’ll definitely be following this spy series.

Game of Thrones – April

Watching the series is like reliving all the drama I’ve lived through when reading the books. I’ve become jaded in watching this show at some point. But I kept coming back because there seems to be enough intrigues to keep me hooked. I’m also looking forward to finally watching how things I haven’t read about yet will unfold.

Person of Interest – May

I like crime dramas and Person of Interest dishes it out in equal measure with the science fiction angle. I’m somewhat concerned about the possibility of having a surveillance system similar to The Machine out there and what that would mean on people’s privacy. This TV show hasn’t been as popular as it deserves to be although I have to say that I’m admitted biased about my views on this. Needless to say, I’ll be sure to watch every episode this season.