Plan 9

Worst Movies Of All Time

For every Shawshank Redemption, there’s a Freddie Got Fingered release in the theatres.

I’m telling you, I watched a thousand movies and almost %50 of them are not good. Yes, there goes all the Adam Sandler movies after 50 first dates. But there’s even more.

These movies are so bad, you’re gonna puke right in your ass within a minute watching these movies. Avoid them at all cost! I warn you!

The Room – Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau
The Face You Make When You Know That Your Movie Sucks.

The guy is both the main actor and the director, it can’t be that bad, right?

Sadly, you’re wrong. With a 3.6/10 rating in IMDB, you definitely know what’s coming for you. Awkward acting scenes, gratuitous sex scenes, stupid plot and that goddamn awful fight scene!

Although considered as a cult classic today, you’d be lucky that you didn’t watch it. Thank me later.

Mac and Me – Stewart Raffill

What can be cheaper than an E.T knockoff.

The story is typically just the same, without the great Spielberg cinematography. Basically, it sucks. It’s just a McDonalds advertisement turned into film.

Watch the trailers and laugh your heart out.

Troll 2 – Claudio Fragasso

This is the complete definition of a bad movie.

They’re saying it’s because of the communication issues with the American actors with the Italian crew. But really? That’s the lamest excuse ever.

Same as the Mac and Me, it’s so funny because it’s so bad. Watch the Noooooooo scene. The┬átrolls looks like you went to chow tyme Pensacola and ate a ton of salad then you vomit.

Plan 9 from Outer Space – Ed Wood

The granddaddy of all the bad SciFi movies.

It’s bad, yes. But I really admire the will power of the director of this movie. Even with low budget, he still managed to release the film.

The special effects of this movie is so bad, you can even see the strings that hold the space saucers. More than enough to give it the title of the Worst Movie Ever Made.